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Rhode Island Children's Book Award

Materials and resources supporting the Rhode Island Children's Book Award (RICBA) that have been developed and curated by the RICBA Committee.

2024 Rooster Games

Materials for facilitating Rooster Games based on the 2024 RICBA nominees are available thanks to Gina Kilday at Metcalf Elementary, Wendy Gustavel at Rocky Hill Country Day, and Linda LaCava at the North Providence Public Library.

These documents are being developed and shared to encourage and support Rooster Games in school and public libraries throughout Rhode Island.

Anyone has editing rights to the shared spreadsheet for Question Development. Please consider adding content based on any of the RICBA nominees that you read.

A popular suggestion from the Rooster Games - Resources for Teachers and Librarians Facebook page was to have trivia questions that did not require reading the books to be used as a promotion of RICBA voting and the Rooster Games. A file of Google Slides has been started and anyone is invited to edit this document, also.

Most other documents are “View Only”. Feel free to copy and edit that copy to use as you wish. If you feel that you need editing access to any original shared documents to help with the collaboration, PLEASE ASK!!!! If you are not sure who owns the document, ask and she can get you the permissions that you need.

Feel free to share your folder of your school/library specific documents as “View Only” to inspire and support others (as long as you are willing for people to copy and use them).

Remember, our goal in developing these resources collaboratively is to share and support each other. Let us know how we can help!!!