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Rhody Radio: RI Library Radio Online

Create a "New and Notable Books" Segment

Commitment Level: Low

Record a voice memo or quick audio snippet recommending books on a particular topic for a New and Notable Books episode.  Listen to samples at the Warwick Public Library and contact Wil Gregersen for more information.

Submit an Episode

Commitment Level: Low to Moderate

Turn an upcoming virtual program at your library into an episode of Rhody Radio!  The Rhody Radio team will work with you to help set you up with guidance for planning your episode, recording equipment, technology help, and editing assistance.  Contact the Rhody Radio Team with your episode ideas today.

Join the Team

Commitment Level: Moderate

Attend a monthly meeting as part of the expanded Rhody Radio Team.  Team members will:

  • Serve as Listening Editors, providing notes on submitted episodes before they air
  • Brainstorm ideas for future episodes
  • Help to plan the episode schedule

Serve on the Editorial Board

Commitment Level: High

The Editorial Board is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating this project, including:

  • Soliciting additional program submissions from RI libraries
  • Selecting a balanced program prioritizing diverse voices and a variety of disciplines
  • Maintaining and loaning microphones for recording
  • Providing editing and tech support
  • Creating and updating supporting materials for library staff interested in creating content