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Summer Reading Program: 2023 Adult Program

Adult Summer Reading

In addition to sponsoring the youth Summer Reading Program, OLIS supports adult programs that encourage adults to explore new genres, pursue new interests, and model lifelong learning and reading to children and teens. OLIS is a member of the iREAD Reading Program, a flexible, nonprofit reading program designed by librarians featuring compelling and adaptable themes, and a comprehensive resource guide chock full of ideas and reproducibles.

Adult services librarians may wish to explore the other pages in this LibGuide, especially the Themed Resources page for additional resources!



Host your Summer Reading Program online through Beanstack, courtesy of OLIS's state-wide subscription. To learn more about Beanstack and getting started, visit the Beanstack Tab in this LibGuide!

Adult Summer Reading Webinars

Bilingual Find Your Voice Poster


Our voices have power. We use our voices to share stories, express ourselves, and spark change. Our voices include not only the sounds we make, but the words we write, the art we create, the movements we perform, and the actions we take each day to impact our world

2023 Fonts

iREAD has also developed iREAD 2023: Find Your Voice! Fonts Flier that you can use as reference when creating marketing materials and announcements. The flier is also posted on the iREAD website help page. Some of the original fonts that you see on iREAD posters were hand drawn by the illustrators and we have done our best to find the font that is as close as possible to what you see on posters.
Please keep in mind that these websites are not tested or endorsed by iREAD.

2023 iREAD Program Ideas