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Summer Reading Program: iREAD

About iREAD

OLIS provides all Rhode Island public libraries with the iREAD Summer Reading Program Resource Guide using IMLS funds.

Beginning in 2022, OLIS will be offering Rhode Island public libraries the iREAD program. iREAD is a flexible, nonprofit reading program designed by librarians featuring appealing incentives, compelling and adaptable themes, and a comprehensive resource guide chock full of ideas and reproducibles. Developed by the Illinois Library Association, the program is adopted in other states including Alaska, California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington, and worldwide by the Department of Defense for libraries on military bases. iREAD is implemented in thousands of individual libraries across the country.

Credit Line When Using iREAD Materials

The following credit line must be on ALL SRP signs, press releases, posters, websites and promotions that include the iREAD artwork or slogan. Libraries may personalize this credit line by adding the library’s name and the names of local sponsors at the end:

The statewide Rhode Island Summer Reading Program is supported by the RI Office of Library and Information Services, with funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Summer 2024

iREAD Guides

Each year iREAD produces a resource guide for planning, implementing, and evaluating a quality summer reading program aligned with a specific theme and slogan. Guides include a multitude of resources for Early Literacy, Youth, Teen, and Adult programs. OLIS purchases and distributes the online, downloadable format of the guide to public libraries each November. Guides include the slogans and artwork for print and digital promotion of the Summer Reading Program. Please contact Danielle Margarida at for the online guide code or more information.

iREAD Themes, Slogans, and Artwork

OLIS has purchased the Resource Guide on behalf of your library, allowing your library to use the copyrighted art included with the Resource Guide download to promote your library and your reading program, including the purchase of additional promotional products such as book bags. You may use the art on purchased promotional items, and your library may also resell those items to raise funds for the library and the library’s programs. This permission extends to “Friends of the Library”-type groups associated with your library. There is no time limit imposed; for instance, if you want to use all or part of the iREAD program for a Winter Break Reading Program, you may use the art for promotional materials. However, your vendor does NOT have permission to use the art, or slogan, on anything other than what you are purchasing, and only for sale to your library. The vendor does not have permission to offer these materials to other libraries or use the art to create additional items for sale. In cases like this, iREAD asks libraries to notify vendors that they do not have rights to reuse the art in any form other than what you are ordering.