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Resource Sharing Certification

Important Dates

LibPAS login information will be sent when the 2024 Certification window opens.

Completing the Certification

  • Receive LibPAS login credentials on July 15, 2024 (school libraries will receive the login after they submit the school year survey).
  • Login to LibPAS.
  • Work through the survey. Data is automatically saved as it is entered. 
  • Be sure to choose your library type from the drop-down menu in the Library Identification section. 
  • If you are not certain about specific questions in the survey, it is okay to exit the survey and complete it at another time before it closes on September 15 (September 30 for school libraries). 
  • "Submit" only when you have completed the entire survey.
  • Submit a waiver request form for each LORI Standard and Regulation the library does not meet as soon as possible.  
  • OLIS will review survey submissions for accuracy and completeness. Clarifications and corrections will be requested as needed.
  • Once the survey is complete, the Director will receive a DocuSign email invitation to digitally sign the Resource Certification form.