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LORI Resource Sharing Working Group: RSWG Volunteer Mentors

The Library of Rhode Island (LORI) Resource Sharing Working Group (RSWG) has compiled a directory of LORI library staff who are familiar with resource sharing and interlibrary loan procedures and protocols and who are willing to serve as occasional mentors to less experienced LORI staff who have questions or need help figuring out how to troubleshoot a resource sharing or ILL issue.

Interested in volunteering as a mentor? Please let us know on the RSWG Volunteer Mentor Form tab.

Need to contact an RSWG mentor? View the RSWG Volunteer Mentor Directory tab.

If you are willing to serve as a volunteer mentor and have your name and contact information published in the online directory, please complete the form below. LORI RSWG mentors will only be responsible for trying to help with resource sharing or ILL questions or issues. Any other library-related mentoring question will be referred to the RILA Mentorship Program

Questions about this form? Please contact Bill Doughty (BRY) at or 401-232-6296

Thank you for supporting this effort!

View the online directory of RSWG Volunteer Mentors. Entries are labeled with Academic, Public, School (K-12), and Special expertise. Please select any mentor on the list whose expertise matches your institutional designation.

Please note that RSWG Volunteer Mentors will only respond to inquiries during their scheduled work hours and only to questions pertaining to resource sharing and interlibrary loan procedures and protocols.

If you have questions about other forms of library mentorship, please contact the RILA Mentorship Program.