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Studio Rhode: Hacks

Hacks and Workarounds

You may be interested in implementing a similar Studio Rhode program or innovative project at your library but may not have the money, staff time, or space.

Don't have enough...




Working Within Constraints

Whether your library is large or small, you can design sustainable, impactful projects that rethink library services. Start with a community need, and let your imagination guide you through the design process. Build a plan to evaluate your project with a variety of metrics, and synthesize the different outcomes of your project to assess the impact over time. Consider some of the lessons learned as you navigate your project so that you may avoid some of the challenges our libraries faced and create an environment for success.

If you lack the money, time and space to execute a new program or service, do not abandon your idea. Start small, by imagining the simplest thing you can do that will have a large impact. It costs nothing to move furniture, but a new configuration may have a big effect on the way community members utilize services. Community partnerships can alleviate the burden on staff time. Technology does not have to be new or expensive to provide a meaningful experience to users of all ages. Use your imagination when you consider existing spaces, technology and programs to find begin making simple—but potentially impactful—solutions.

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