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State of Rhode Island

Office of Library & Information Services

Adult Services: Millennials

Millennial RI

Millennial RI is a networking and professional development organization for young RI professionals that also advocates for millennial-friendly policies from state and local government.

Millennial RI is building a large and diverse network of millennial that will provide programming to keep millennials in RI such as:

  • Financial Literacy and Planning
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Civic Engagement
  • Connecting millennials to employment and internship resources
  • Connecting millennials with activities and events of mission-aligned organizations
  • Promoting a positive image of our state within our generation

Meeting Description

Millennials have been accused of killing a lot of industries, from home ownership to breakfast cereal to napkins(?!) and yet a recent PEW research study has shown that Millennials were the most likely generation of adults to have used a library, visited a library website and even to have simply read a book in the past year. How can libraries expand on services and programs that bring in Millennials lest we go the way of the diamond industry and family restaurant chains like Applebees? Join fellow programming librarians as we dig in to the trending topic of "Emerging Adulthood" to discuss what being a Millennial even means and brainstorm programming ideas designed for this particular population.