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Public Library Annual Survey

Data Entry

The reporting period for Summer Reading Program data is June 1 - August 31, 2023. This is NOT the same reporting period used for the rest of the Annual Survey. Summer Reading Program data should be tracked separately from other library programming data. Summer reading programs that took place in June can be counted for both sets of program data. 

There are two methods for entering data about the Summer Reading Program in the PLAS.

  1. Directors enter data directly in Section 7 of the PLAS.
  2. Library staff designated by director uses SRP-only account to enter data into the Summer Reading Program collection. Data entered into this collection will flow into the Annual Survey collection.


Respond to each of "trigger" questions with Yes/No. If the response is Yes, the screen will expand to display a group of questions. If the response is No, nothing will be revealed.

The following set of questions is repeated for children, teens, adults, and all ages:

  • length of Summer Reading Program (except all ages)
  • number of participants (except all ages)
  • number of activity kits (for use as a standalone activity)
  • number of activity kits (for use with a virtual program)
  • number of virtual programs
  • number of attendees for virtual programs
  • number of in-person onsite programs
  • number of attendees for in-person onsite programs
  • number of in-person offsite programs
  • number of attendees for in-person offsite programs